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Leaf Matching; Quiet Book Pattern for Free

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I’m here bringing great news! A new free pattern. Well, I can’t really say that it is new as it was already uploaded in Edu Craft Maker FB group long ago. However, I froze the group indefinitely because of lack man power to manage it.

I’ll try to re-upload the free patterns one by one in my free time. Be patient dan stay with me along the way. It’s gonna be absolutely fun journey!

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Now, the new re-upload free quiet book pattern for today is LEAF MATCHING which has 4 types of leaves to be paired. It is really simple yet beautiful page that your kid’s gonna love.

Activity Type & Advantage

Leaf matching is a shape matching activity page. They are not geometric shapes that you are familiar with. They are the shapes of nature. Just beautiful. Let your children learn about creatures around them.

You may ask for what the advantages of this page is. First of all, as I already said above, this page addressed to be on the scent of nature, the grace of God. Be thankful of life and the world we live in.

Second, it’s about hand and eye coordination work. The leaves shape are totally different yet somehow has those same curve. Stimulating your kid’s brain to think which leaf has the identical look with it’s pair on the page.

Bonus, a practical life skill training. You are to choose what to use in this Leaf Matching activity page. Button? Velcro? Or else?


  • cotton fabric;
  • fusible interfacing;
  • felt fabric;
  • velcro hook and loop;
  • fabric loop, if any (to replace the velcro loop).

Free Leaf Matching Quiet Book Pattern

Above are pattern and lay out of leaf matching shape activity. You can download the picture directly and print it on the paper A4.

However if you want to have the pattern’s PDF file, kindly download through the button link below.

Leaf Shapes Matching Tutorial Video

In case you need a tutorial video, here you go.

See you soon in another post whether free or paid pattern. I also will write article related to quiet book making and sewing to enrich our knowledge of this craft.


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