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Craft Felt Craft Free Pattern Pattern

Free Quiet Book Pattern; Elephant-Balloon Color Match

Hi, Sewist!

How are you doing? It’s been too long since last time I updated this blog. You know! Busy! LOL!

Ok. I come back to give you a valuable gift ^^. New free quiet book pattern! Yes, finally new free pattern, Sewist!

Do you eager to sew this busy book activity page?

Easy! Let’s talk a little bit more!

Quiet Book Pattern Type

As stated in the title, this is an elephant ‘holding’ 7 different color balloons. Children is gonna match the balloon with velcro or velcro base on the page. And, it is a colors matching page.

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Quiet Book Materials

Now, let’s take a look to the list of supplies that you will need to make this particular free quiet book pattern. For now, I make only simple felt book template which is even non-sewer could make.

free quiet book pattern

Therefore, the materials are the basic stuff that you often use when sewing quiet book activity page. Below are the list I talk.

  • cotton fabric, replaceable with felt fabric (for page);
  • fusible interfacing, only if you use cotton fabric;
  • felt fabric, use the stiff or hard one;
  • 2 mm satin cord;
  • 8 mm white plastic button, replaceable with doll’s eye or white and black felt;
  • velcro hook and loop, use the different color if any.

Free Quiet Book Pattern

I provide you with PDF file for this baby book template. You can download it through the button below. Print it and start sewing!

Again, if you don’t have a sewing machine or you can’t sew, feel free to glue the details. I’m absolutely okay with that. Another is, if you use regular soft felt, you can hand-sew it. It takes time still it is better than gluing. I should be honest, right?

I don’t suggest you to sew the hard/stiff felt. Your fingers are going to be numb! Believe me! I’ve been there.

I need to say sorry that I don’t finish the tutorial video, yet. I’ll update it later once I did. Don’t be panic! This pattern is super easy to sew. There is template you can use to arrange the balloon position on the page in order to make it looks nice and tidy.

Oh! The thing is, I will update Instagram tonight (Jakarta Meridien Time) and it is the video of sewing this activity page. Don’t miss it!

I uploaded the video. You can see it here. Just hit the play button. Or visit our YouTube channel Sewing Craft Studio.

Here I leave you. Meeting you again really soon!


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  1. Debbie Hohls says:

    Hello Eni
    Thanks for the free pattern – but I cant seem to find it. When I click free pattern – nothing happens. Has the offer expired?
    Thank you – I love your work!!

    1. Hi, Debbie!
      It is still available and will be forever free. I visit my blog with someone else account and try to download. I find no problem. The pattern directly open in the new tab. From there, you hit the download or print button.

      The link is black button. I hope you did not click the wrong link. Let me know after you try once more ^^.

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