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10 Quiet Book Activities Pages You Will Love

The Quiet book activities I’ll share below are easy to sew. No need to hesitate to make one. And you will see one of them is glued. It is not necessarily. I just happened to make the sewn and the glued version. That’s why if you are reluctant to sew, glue them.

Quiet Book Activities

There are 10 activities I share here. You may wonder why I made two monkeys in one book. There is no special reason. I stock quiet book pages as they are, a single page. I don’t bundle them. Although I did to others.

My customer can pick the pages they want for their child. And this lovely customer of mine happened to choose 2 monkeys for her book. However, as you see, the monkeys have a different purpose. One is for feeding and zipper while the other is for the tooth-brushing page.


Quiet Book Activities Advantages

To get a better understanding of the quiet book activities I have here, let me break down the advantages of each of them.

Train Shape Busy Book Activity

As it is stated, this train quiet book activity page is for learning basic shapes. 5 basic shapes are included on the page to form the train. Besides knowing what the name of the shapes is, this kind of activity is used for teaching kids to match the shapes too.

To pair the shapes, kids will try to stick the velcro. After a while, they can unstick them by pulling the detachable shapes apart.

While at it, you can teach your kids about the small and bigger concept. Train wheels are in different sizes. The front one is smaller than the behind.

The pattern is here.

Feeding Animal (Monkey) Activity Page

For this feeding activity, I made monkey and bananas. So, the obvious task is to feed the monkey with our banana. To do that, kids are gonna need to slide the zipper and unzip it. Let them choose which banana to give at first. Inserting a banana into the monkey’s mouth is another task kids have to complete.

This task can be done for adults like us with our eyes closed. However, early age kids are struggling to do so. Their grip is not firm, yet. While holding the banana, they need to open the lift the upper lip of the monkey to make a way to insert the banana into it.

After zipping the mouth, teach your kid to slide out or slide in the bananas into the lace or rope. Previously, you may want them to count the banana. How many bananas are left after they feed the monkey? Moreover, do not forget to ask them how many bananas they feed the monkey with.

And the last task is to insert the lace into all ribbons on the page. This activity is called sewing or lacing.

The pattern is here.

Space Shapes Felt Book Activity

Another shape, I guess. Well, the two of them are in different shapes anyway. Well, yes the form of the activity. This is a rocket and the earlier page is a train. Oh, I just realized that I made many shapes activities in the form of transportations.

Ok, let’s dive in. It is well known this page is known for learning basic shapes as well as trying to stick and unstick the velcro. Other than that, you can tell them a little bit about the spaceship, space, planets, and stars.

The pattern is here.

Toothbrushing Quiet Book Activity

For some parents, teaching kids to brush their teeth is a nightmare. Share your journey in the comment section below. You may make me grinning along the read.

Let’s try to convince them to brush their teeth with this simple quiet book activity page. Squeeze out the toothpaste, put it on the toothbrush and start brushing the monkey’s teeth. While doing so, kid can learn about face, senses, and counting. There are 2 eyes, 2 ears, and a nose with 2 nostrils, lips, tongue, teeth, etc.

The pattern is here.

Spring Color Match Quiet Book Activity

People often make a rainbow color match for a busy book activity page. Although it is a well-known quiet book activity page, I added some elements to make it more engaging. Those elements are flowers and a caterpillar.

Kids are going to learn colors and nature. Stimulating the brain in matching detachable colors details to the rainbow, flowers, and caterpillar. We used plastic spring stud. Vecro or other kind of button can replace stud. Choose the material you think appropriate for your kid’s age.

Hmm, the big cloud function is for meronce activity.

The pattern is here.

Feeding Animal (Frog) Quiet Book Activity

Another feeding animal is here. The frog. Although there are two kinds of feeding animal in one book, we provide different activity for each page. Feeding monkey is already discussed above.

To feed the frog, open it’s mouth by unzip the zippers. Pull out the tongue and put on one of two insect available. Roll the tongue embracing the dragonfly or butterfly and put it back to frog’s mouth. Zip the zippers to prevent the dragonfly or butterfly from flying out ^^.

Hey, the frog’s ate the other insect. It is in it’s belly. Have your kid moving it around with their tiny finger^^.

The pattern is here.

Farming and Selling Busy Book Activity

Do you know the best food? It is the food that grows around you.

Farming is widely popular right now around the globe. Apart from the trend, educating children about where the food they ate came from is necessary. There are vegetables, roots, grains, and fruits.

Inserting the detachable details into the soil is a difficult task needed concentration and patience. Pulling them out may be easier for kids.

Now arrange the farm produce on the display. Be sure they are organized in an eye-catching way. It will be pleased the customer and lead them to stay longer and buy more. Yes, it is about business. Does it too much for kids?

Okay, just have them organize them in the good order^^.

Be sure to read the Mini Quiet Book Pattern.

Birdie Color Match Felt Book Activity Page

This is another quiet book activity page that is ecstatically popular. Bird and house colors match the busy book activity page.

The task is easy. Match the bird and its house by color. Use loop fabric for the grass that the bird can stick on. Surely kids will study the colors you use on this activity page. Got them into nature. The branches, leaves, soil, etc.

The pattern is here.

Piggy Bank Quiet Book Activity

An important task in the felt book is managing money. Educating them to save some money they have for future purposes.

There are a piggy bank and a pouch on this very quiet book activity page. Open the pouch, take the money out and thrust it into the piggy bank. When the time comes, open the saving by unzipping the zipper at the bottom of the busy book page.

The pattern is here.

Those are 10 quiet book activities pages you may love to sew for your kid or a customer kid. I enclose the link to the pattern under each explanation. Video tutorial is available for some activities.

Meeting you again in the next posting.

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