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Mini Quiet Book Patterns Edition 1 for Free

Mini quiet book is a super simple and easy to sew sewing project. You are going to love it. Making it more and more. It’s way too simple that you can sew them all in one sitting. Yeah, after cutting all the felt needed and preparing materials altogether.

This is the first ever mini quiet book pattern I release after changing my blog name into Sewing Craft Studio about 5 months ago. Before, I shared my free pattern on FB group as I stated before. I even made a tutorial video of this book pattern that you can watch here.

quiet book tutorial

Regardless, I re-new the pattern, add some new elements, change the original one with a better version, etc. The most important thing, I already deleted the FB group where all my free patterns stored. Some of you who has been following me since 2020 might have the original patterns. Lucky!

I’ll tell you more about the FB group and my previous blog as time goes. But now, let’s get straight to the topic!

Mini Busy Book Tools & Materials

Free pattern in this Blog


I often use felt fabric for mini quiet book pages. Nothing special! I just am too lazy ironing small (15×15 cm) adhesive fusible interfacing to the cotton fabric which is I think an irony. The smaller ironing project the better. Yes, that is how it should work. Maybe I don’t have specific reason for that. I just don’t do that.

Do not take me wrong! I made several mini quiet books using cotton fabric like the bigger one. There are at least two of them. And I remember that I enjoyed making stroller holder for the book. Ok, I don’t have reliable reason for using the felt fabric as busy book’s page, LoL.

Below is the list for this book materials;

  • felt fabric;
  • 2-4 mm cord;
  • 4-5 mm grommets;
  • grosgrain ribbon;
  • velcro hook and loop;
  • thread;
  • felt glitter.

Quiet easy to find materials, right?

Before you ask me, I’ll tell you. Use any available cord around you. And you are welcome!


What are you going to do with the book? Sewing it? With machine or hand? Gluing it? The option you choose determines what kind of tools you will need.

  • sewing machine; or
  • hand sewing needle; the super sharp one, or
  • glue gun with glue stick;
  • grommets fastener/installer;
  • scissors;
  • pinking shears (ignore if you don’t have one).

Pretty simple!

Pattern on Etsy

This mini baby book is for infant. They tend to pull out anything within their reach and put everything to their mouth.

As a prevention of detached busy book details, I suggest you to sew the book. Tie the thread excess or make sure you do the backstitching strong enough to handle the baby strength.

Restrain making any loose detail for this kind of book or using tiny materials to prevent chocking hazard. 

Mini Quiet Book Free Pattern

This mini quiet book contains 10 pages. 10 pages activity pages. 3 of them are free and the remaining 7 will be in my Etsy store. So, what are they? Let’s see them closely one by one.

Lady Bug

Flap the lady wings!

Count the spots on the bug’s wings!

Of course it is you who are counting!

mini quiet book


Arranging the pieces. Start from long to short or the opposite, from short to long.

quiet book pattern


Move the star up and down the cord.

quiet book pattern

Sewing Tutorial Mini Quiet Book

Because I still am editing the new tutorial video, I give you the old one. The new one will be here once it is done.

And, for the remaining patterns, I decided to make a separate post. Well, simply they are not ready to be published, yet, hoho.

See you soon, then!

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