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Giant Cupcake Color Match Quiet Book Pattern & Tutorial

We came up with new pattern of quiet book activity. Giant cupcake color match. An activity to learn about colors, particularly 7 colors of rainbow. Pairing the same color together.

Please be aware that you are free to choose the color to use. The other is, you are the one to decide whether using button or velcro.

To help children improve their life skill, I tried using spring stud to collate the same color details. I got the plastic snap not long ago from a market place. It is unique and cute.

giant cupcake color match

In my country, Indonesia, they come in two colors, white and black. I wonder is there another colors available like 7 colors of rainbow? That’s gonna be amazing! You don’t need adding a piece of felt sewn as a base for the stud to make this activity works.

Giant Cupcake Color Match Pattern

Mainly, our pattern is for 20×20 cm (8×8 inches) wide quiet book. You can use the exactly same pattern for bigger page. However, it can not be fit on smaller area.

Giant cupcake pattern is not only for quiet book purpose. It is suitable for cube or mat. You are the master!

There are 2 types of patterns we provide. PDF and SVG. PDF is for you who manually cut the felt with a pair scissors. SVG used for cutting machine like Brother Scan and Cut, Cricut Maker, etc. But the SVG pattern is available only for giant cupcake variant 1.

Bonus Free Pattern

Before, I listed a small cupcake color match on Etsy and posted a related article here. You can read it to learn more because I added that pattern as a bundling bonus for this new giant cupcake pattern.

I said bundling, right?

Yes, you get it right. I was being generous giving away 2 patterns for free as a bundling. So, the first freebies is the small cupcake mentioned above and the other one is a giant cupcake with different style.

I wrote the clear description on Etsy. You get the 3 patterns but only 1 graphic tutorial step by step is on hand. As for another variant of giant cupcake, no need to worry. Do all the step in the tutorial listed.

While for small cupcake version, I made and uploaded a tutorial video on YouTube. You can be at ease. Beside, I give away another freebies here, pdf tutorial of small cupcake color match.

Materials and Tools Needed


Cotton fabric. Replaceable with felt fabric or other kind of fabric you are comfortable to work with. Be sure that your choice is allergy free.

Fusible interfacing. This is for you who choose cotton fabric for page. Other choices may need it, like linen. In short, any light weight fabric needs fusible interfacing to make the page firm, strong, and durable.

Felt fabric. Our pattern is compatible for either hard felt or regular soft felt. You may want to try using cotton or linen as a substitute. It’s absolutely fine!

Spring stud. Either plastic or metal works fine. How about snap button? Velcro? Button with buttonhole? Anything is fine. We just need to make the loose details stick to the page details.

giant cupcake color match


Sewing machine. This is not a must. You always can hand-stitch them. For you who are not patient enough to sew, use the glue! Hot glue gun will do. Don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you to avoid glue in your quiet book!

Hand-stitching needle. To sew the spring stud. Spring stud can not be glued, be aware!

A pair of scissor. Scissor for paper, felt, and fabric. You have to separate them.

Tutorial of Giant Cupcake Color Pattern

Now, here are the links you are eager to click:

  1. Giant cupcake color match pattern;
  2. Small cupcake step by step photos tutorial
  3. Tutorial video are below and up there.

Last but not least, tell me anything you want to know, to ask, or to share in the comment section. Please be kind and leave a good review on my Etsy shop, *wink.

I conduct the private online course for quiet book sewing. Reach to me through the mail.

Here we part ways and see you really soon!

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