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Quiet Book Pattern Fruit Color Sorting Activity

Fruit color sorting activity was designed for helping children learning colors. Sorting the same color into a group. Insert them into a basket with the same color.

This kind of activity stimulate children’s brain. It is about learning the same and the different things. Also it is about training the nerve.

Moreover, children will associate color with something around. Apple is red and orange is orange. You will see they comprehend the knowledge as they grow.

quiet book pattern tutorial

You are free to choose either using velcro or buttons based on children growth. Even though there are theories about children growth and development you can depend on, you must take serious account about your own children capabilities.

You do not want to make them stressed playing it, do you?

Activity Page Colors Choice

To attract children attention, use the bright colors! There are apple and orange in this pattern. Naturally we use red and orange with green and brown for tree. Simple yet attractive.

Use different tone green for tree’s leaf, fruit’s leaf, and grass. Slightly different is enough. There is green, green leaf, and light green. Other choice are moose, dark, lime, and forest green. Search through your felt collection!

fruit color sorting pattern
fruit color sorting pattern

In another pattern, we made apple and pear. Soft yellow color makes the contrast look with the red and green.

Make sure you use the contrast cotton fabric color for the page. It completes the activity page look and function. There is no problem to use felt fabric for page.

3 Kind of Trees You Can Make

We give 3 tree arrangement choices for this fruit color sorting pattern. Below are the pictures. Tutorial for left and the right one are on our YouTube channel. While tutorial for the one in the middle is in pdf sheet tutorial.

fruit color sorting activity
quiet book pattern
quiet book pattern

You are welcome to ask me anything about this pattern. Whether you find the difficulties making it or anything else. I really am happy involved in conversation with whoever interested in this particular craft or sewing.

busy book pattern & diy

Fruit Color Sorting Activity Making Tutorial

There are 2 types of tutorial you will get. Pictures with instructions tutorial is available in pdf format. Another is a video.

Below is the tutorial video on our YouTube channel. It is free to access. Meanwhile the pdf tutorial sheet is here.

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy this article. Search and read anything you want here while waiting us updating new pattern or article.

Have a blessing day!

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