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Life Skill Quiet Book Activity; Tying Shoelaces

We got new quiet book pattern listed on Etsy yesterday. Tying shoelaces activity pattern. Yes! After a while!

It’s about life skill training activity for kids around 4-6 years old. The pattern is simple and sewing it is pretty easy. However, you need to have particular tools to install the grommets.

Even if you don’t use the grommets, you need leather puncher to make the holes for shoelaces. So, this quiet book pattern is a little bit tricky. In one hand it is easy to sew. On the other hand, you suppose to have grommet installer and/or leather puncher.


You just need the grommets installer, though. The fastener has the punching function on it. I just don’t quiet like to use it. It does not cut the felt cleanly and completely. That’s way I’ve been using separate puncher.

tying shoelaces

So, here is the deal. All you need to have is a grommets fastener or a puncher. You to choose.

Pattern and Tutorial of Tying Shoelaces

Pattern click here!

Our pattern usually comes with photos or graphic photos step by step tutorial in PDF format. Pattern and tutorials will be directly sent to your email once you complete the payment.

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If you face the difficulties or have questions to ask about my pattern, feel free to contact me through email, direct message Instagram, Etsy chatting room, or even WA.

Tutorial is below!

Tools and Materials

Let’s elaborate materials and tool you need to make this particular life skill training activity page.


  • cotton fabric
  • fusible interfacing
  • felt fabric or hard felt (Korean hard felt is widely used by quiet book crafter)
  • shoelaces
  • grommets (4-6 mm)


  • sewing machine, except you want to hand-sew or glue them
  • a pair scissors
  • leather puncher (optional)
  • grommets installer

For page, you may replace the cotton fabric and fusible interfacing with felt fabric. It is completely okay! In fact, pages made of felt fabric are easier to bind. They do not need some batting to make the book firm and sturdy. They already are.

I’m talking about hard felt, of course.

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Here we part ways. I’ll update another pattern either paid or free soon.

Have a great sewing!

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